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Steering Committee

photo: Brian Burnett

Brian Burnett - Chair

CEO, Burnett Global Consulting, LLC
BS, MS Civil Engineering, 1978, 1980
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photo: Delores Etter

Delores M. Etter - Vice Chair

Professor emeritus, Southern Methodist University
PhD Electrical Engineering, 1979
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photo: Mike Dexter

Michael Dexter

Retired president, Bridgers & Paxton
BS, MS Mechanical Engineering, 1975, 1977
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photo: Ed Angel

Edward Angel

UNM professor emeritus, Computer Science
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photo: Roger Koerner

Roger Koerner

Retired, Exxon Mobil
BS Mechanical Engineering, 1968
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photo: Samantha Lapin

Samantha Lapin

Retired, President/CEO POD Inc.
MS Nuclear Engineering, 1988
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photo: Ron Marquez

Ronald Marquez

Retired engineering manager, ConocoPhillips
BS Chemical Engineering, 1979
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photo: Gerald May

Gerald May

President Emeritus, The University of New Mexico
Former dean of the School of Engineering
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photo: Wayne Brasure

L. Wayne Brasure

Operations manager and senior engineer, Sol Oriens LLC
PhD Nuclear Engineering, 1991
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photo: Gil Herrera

Gil Herrera

Director of Research, National Security Agency
BS Computer Engineering, 1981
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photo: Polle Zellweger

Polle Zellweger

Independent consultant, MacZell Consulting
MS Computer Science, 1975
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photo: Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

Retired President of Lester B. Knight and Associates, Inc.
BS, MS Civil Engineering, 1966, 1968
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photo: Leslie Currie

Leslie Currie

Senior director of development
(505) 277-0230

photo: Lisette Miles

Lisette Miles

Director of development
(505) 277-2051

photo: Courtney Holmes

Courtney Holmes

Development specialist
(505) 277-0664